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      Firefighter injured in early morning blaze

      UPDATE: KTVO has learned the name of the firefighter who was hospitalized following an overnight house fire in Kirksville.

      Captain James Snyder with the Kirksville Fire Department was taken to Northeast Regional Medical Center for observation after he reportedly got overheated.

      Hospital spokeswoman, Dianne Western, told KTVO Snyder was hospitalized most of the day Thursday.

      She said he was dismissed right around 5 p.m.

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Heartland firefighter has been injured following an early morning fire.

      A Kirksville firefighter was transported to the hospital after crews battled a house fire.

      According to the Kirksville Fire Department, around midnight Thursday crews were dispatched to a house fire at 212 West Normal Street. When crews arrived on the scene, smoke and fire could be seen coming from the kitchen area of the home.

      KFD said the fire was electrical. The department said no residents of the home were injured.Kirksville Fire Department used four fire engines to battle the blaze and 14 firefighters were on the scene, including mutual aid from Novinger Northern.There was an estimated $30,000 worth of damage to property and $6,000 worth of damage to contents.It took fire crews about two hours to extinguish the fire and the scene was cleared just after 5 a.m.Currently, the Kirksville Fire Department is not releasing the name or injuries of the firefighter who was transported to the hospital.