Firefighters collect donations for MDA

The Ottumwa Fire Department will be collecting donations throughout the remainder of the week and into the Labor Day weekend for MDA.

Firefighters were at the Ottumwa Walmart and at the five corners intersection on Ottumwaâ??s south-side Wednesday, asking drivers for donations.

For the fire department, this cause is just as important as fighting fires and answering medical calls.

â??If anyone does not know, we are raising money for the MDA. It is a neuromuscular disease; it usually starts with children or young newborns. Shortly after, unfortunately because of some of the problems with the disease, there is a high mortality rate. Muscular Dystrophy has come a long way and we are hoping sometime in the near future we will have a cure for some, if not all of the neuromuscular diseases,â?? said Master Firefighter Bill Keith with the Ottumwa Fire Department.

If you do not see the firefighters at the locations mentioned, Keith says that you can drop off donations at the central or south-side fire stations through the weekend.

All of the money donated with go toward the MDA telethon.