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      First Annual Davis County Alzheimer's Walk

      setting up for the Davis County Alzheimer's Walk on Saturday

      Saturday afternoon was the first annual ??Davis County Alzheimer??s Walk?? in Bloomfield. The walk raised funds for the National Alzheimer??s Association.The walk was a one mile loop beginning and ending at the Mulberry Place Retirement Living Apartments.

      Organizers of the walk said they participated in the ??Walk to End Alzheimer??s?? in Ottumwa last year and decided they wanted to have their own event closer to home this year.

      ??Here at the care center we do have a number of Alzheimer??s patients so it is something important to us and I think most people can say they know somebody that has it or is affected by it. So it's something that we would like to find a cure for and this is one small way that we can help do that,?? said Val Lubben, event organizer.

      Live music was also played during the event. Country music artist Jake McVey graced the stage and performed his hit songs.

      McVey is a native of Iowa and takes a great interest in participating in charity events.

      ??Pretty much I got a phone call saying ??can you help out?? and I said ??I??m a guy of charity so anything I can do to help out, absolutely,???? said McVey.

      Lubben said she doesn??t know how much funds were raised yet from this event, but she is happy with the turnout of the first annual ??Davis County Alzheimer??s Walk.??