First school board meeting since Brawner incident

A roomful of people attended Tuesday night's Kirksville R-3 school board meeting. It was the first meeting held since board member Jeff Brawner TMs wife, Jeanne, was charged with disturbing the peace at a recent Friday night football game at Kirksville High School.

Jeanne Brawner of Kirksville is accused of making death threats at the game against two Kirksville coaches. According to court documents, Brawner allegedly stated, among other things, that she would shoot Coach Chris Daniels if it would not send her to jail.

Five school district employees have since filed for orders of protection against Brawner.

No names were named at Tuesday's regular school board meeting, but two teachers did go before the board to address the issue of safety.

Recent events have caused me some great concern for the long-term athletic experience for our kids and coaches. This is why I'm here speaking tonight," said Geoff Hutton, a Kirksville Teacher and Coach.

"Unfortunately our coaches and our administrators are being bullied. The person who is doing the bullying may have thought it was a joke, but how far does our district let it go when physical threats are made like wanting to run someone over with a vehicle or when comments are heard like I would kill so and so if I knew I wouldn't get in trouble for it. Or offer a group of boys $500 to kill some of the coaches and administrators," said Mary Grossnickle, a Kirksville teacher.

Grossnickle went on to explain to the board how the event at the football game caused an unsettling feeling for her as a teacher.

The school board told the two speakers that there would be no discussion on the issues at this time, but it would be considered for future action.

The board went into closed session immediately after the two teachers spoke.

Jeanne Brawner is banned from being on school property or attending school events until further notice.

She is scheduled to be arraigned in Adair County Associate Circuit Court on November 24.