Flash floods cause damage to area infrastructures

Wapello County Management Coordinator Josh Stevens checks out the damage done to the bridge out on Point Isabelle at Village Creek on Wednesday

Over the last couple of days Wapello County has seen some flash flooding that has caused damage on various county roads and infrastructures.

Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator Josh Stevens said if you see water on roadways to take it seriously because the water actually is quite powerful and can be dangerous.

The bridge out on Point Isabelle Road at Village Creek is now impassible because of the flash floods.

â??Essentially the water comes up really fast. There's a lot of runoff because the soil is very saturated so not much is soaking in. Water comes up quickly and it pretty much takes out things in its path so it erodes the soil and some of the infrastructure the bridge is built into so,â?? said Stevens.

Stevens said if people are out taking a look at these structures during the night and find something that looks dangerous to call the dispatch center and someone will be sent out right away to take a look. It will then be determined if it needs to be barricaded and they will call secondary roads office to take care of it.