FLATS project set to get underway

A Heartland committee is getting some local help to get a major project underway.

The Kirksville Forest Lake Area Trail System (FLATS) Committee and the Kirksville Rotary Club met at Kirksville Lumber as they purchased the hardwood for the deck of the 80-foot bridge in Thousand Hills State Park as part of Phase 1 of the co-called FLATS Project.

The bridge will help get park visitors from the dining lodge to the Petroglyph site.

Committee members are really excited to see the project go from planning to construction.

"This first phase is going to run along the lakeshore through some nice wooden areas and connect to historic areas. We are really excited for this. It will help campers and Adair County residents to get around Thousand Hills to get access to all key areas of the park. It's going to be a big step forward for the area," said FLATS Committee Chair Royce Kallerud.

Construction is set to begin on Phase 1 this fall.

Phases 2 and 3, which will connect the trail from the park to Kirksville, are set to be completed within the next five years.

For more information on the FLATS Project, click here.