Flooding closes roads in Missouri

With the heavy rains we've been getting, many Northeast Missouri ditches, streams and small rivers are flooding causing many roads to be impassable.

With the heavy rains we have been seeing, many northeast Missouri ditches, streams and small rivers are flooding, causing many roads to be impassable.

Since rapidly moving water rises and falls very quickly during flash flooding, MoDOT is reminding motorists of the dangers of driving into water-covered roads.

Amy Crawford, MoDOT's area engineer, tells us there are many roads across the Heartland that are closed do to standing water.

"We want drivers to slow down and turn around," Crawford said. "We don't want drivers to drive through water over the road, one because the water on the road can affect their vehicle, and it can make it stall, but it can actually make their vehicle float and could cause problems for them."

Crawford also tells us there could be hidden hazards where there is water over the roadways. She says there are some areas where the road is washed out and many motorist donâ??t know what to expect.

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