Flooding plagues the Heartland

Flooding on Highway 11 in Adair County caused this road to be temporarily closed.

The copious amount of rain we saw from the Memorial Day weekend added up fast.

Rivers and streams were at their limits and the early morning rainfall of Tuesday was a tipping point for some creeks and rivers. There were 12 road closures on the Missouri side of the Heartland viewing area.

While most roads visited only had mud residue from earlier floods, some highways still had water running over them, like Highway 11 in Adair County near Steer Creek. Cars were passing over the running water, but it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid driving over running water.

"Definitely two feet of water will sweep a car off the roadway. So don't be driving through. Just because your truck is high or tall, don't be driving through the water. You'd be surprised how fast that water is moving even if it looks slow moving when you pull up to it. It's going pretty fast. Don't drive through it, I can't emphasize that enough,â?? said Randy Behrens, Emergency Management Director for the City of Kirksville.

Rain is expected almost every day this week and 3 to 6 inches of rain is possible in some areas. With the grounds saturated and rivers and streams bloated, flooding will likely be an issue in many counties in the Heartland for the rest of May and early June.