Floris city council addresses town's broken tornado siren

Floris City Council Meeting

Floris city council members address the issue of the town's broken tornado siren.

After a tornado was confirmed in Floris by the National Weather Service just a week ago after a severe storm on Sunday, April 27, some residents have voiced their concerns to KTVO.

City leaders say they became aware the siren was not working at March's city council meeting. Before their meeting on Monday, councilwoman Robin Fine said the city has gotten the batteries tested, and they have also made sure the 9-1-1 center is still up and going. That entity actually is responsible for setting off the siren when necessary during a severe storm. Now the city is having the company who installed the siren come take a look at it.

"We're just-- I'm sorry it's been such an inconvenience, and we're trying to find out what the problem is, so hoping to get it fixed soon," Fine said.

She hopes the siren will be fixed by the next Wednesday monthly check. Floris city councilman Russell Bales also apologized for the inconveinence to any concerned residents.

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, June 2.