Flower Project provides vibrant light poles for city of Ottumwa

Walk down any street in downtown Ottumwa and you will notice beautifully decorated banners on the light poles.

The banners are the combination of hard work by six different community groups.

The groups worked together to buy the brackets, banners, plants, and hangers.

The parks department assisted in hanging the banners on the city's 38 light poles.

The banners are also a product of one of Main Street Ottumwa's goals--gentrifying the downtown area and making it a more vibrant place.

"It's just one of a number of things Main Street Ottumwa tries," said Main Street Ottumwa Executive Director Bob Untiedt. "Our approach is incremental. We're not tomorrow going to change downtown overnight and we're working with the merchants and building owners here to really make this a prettier place."

The banners are currently winter themed and will change seasonally.

Through the Iowa State Extension Office downtown, plans have been arranged for Iowa State students to design the fall banners.