Flu bug bites hard in Callao School District

Thanks to the flu bug, some northeast Missouri students are getting an unexpected three-day weekend.

Callao C-8 Schools will not be in session Friday because so many students have been out sick this week.

On Thursday, 16 out of 69 students in the K-8th grade school were absent.

That's almost one-fourth of the student population.

In addition to that, three members of the staff were also out sick Thursday.

Superintendent Debbie Lawrence told KTVO they've tried unsuccessfully all week to get the illness under control.

"They are in close proximity. They're all in one building, and they share p.e. equipment and things like that. The teachers have been sanitizing, even pencils, between classes, and so far, we haven't made much of an impact," said Lawrence.

Lawrence says she's had some students tested positive for Influenza A and some tested positive for strep throat.

She says the three-day weekend will be used to sanitize the building, air it out and allow the students and teachers to get better.

Callao C-8 Schools will be back in session on Monday.