Flu season is back

Well itâ??s that time of the year again, flu season!

This year the Wapello County Public Health Department has decided to order the quad vaccine.

The influenza vaccine the department has given in the past contained three different strains in it.

â??This year they have made a vaccine that has four strands so that is what we'll be giving to the public. It will vaccinate again two A strains and two B strains. Why is it important? Because influenza is one of the most contagious diseases out there,â?? said Lynelle Diers, Wapello County Public Health Director.

This is an enhanced vaccine that has better coverage.

Diers said babies six months and older, pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone that has immune compromised disorder should receive the vaccine.

If you donâ??t fit into those categories, it's still suggested that you get vaccinated.

Wapello County Public Health will start giving the vaccine next week in the afternoons.

Due to the switch in vaccines, the charge has increased to $30.