Flying smart this summer

It seems airlines are making more changes that are costing flyers more money. From charging to carry on bags to the small cup of soda...prices are going up. So, what can you do to save money and time?

Travel Expert Cathi Banks said there are three things you should do. First, you should plan ahead as much as you are able to.

Banks said you also want to look at the days you choose to fly. â??Ideally you may want to go Saturday to Saturday,â?? Banks said. â??Don't limit yourself to that. Take a look at doing Wednesday to Wednesday, because the key to saving money in all kinds of travel is to do what other people don't want to do, so traveling midweek to midweek can help a lot.â??

She advised not to use third party booking sites, but rather deal exclusively with the airline, or a travel agent. â??For instance my sister and brother-in-law were stranded in Mexico City and he had bought the tickets from Orbitz,â?? Banks said. â??It was on a Sunday afternoon and they weren't able to get any help. The airlines wouldn't deal with them because it was through a third party website, so they were pretty much stranded. If they had a relationship with a local agent they could have gotten a hold of her she would have gotten everything fixed for them. If you are not going to have a relationship with a local agent, then I recommend going directly through the airline website.â??

Banks said it is also wise to compare airport prices if you have more than one in your area.