Flywheel show draws a crowd

The 33rd Annual Flywheel Reunion wrapped up at an old-fashioned three day event with lots of fun filled activities.

No matter what style, make, model or size, the 33rd Annual Macon County Flywheel and Collectible Club probably had it.

The 33rd Annual Flywheel Reunion wrapped up its old-fashioned three day event with lots of fun filled activities on Saturday.

"I have roughly 203 tractors sitting out there right now, of all various brands, sizes and makes," said Dale Maloney, antique tractor organizer.

The reunion had tractors that took you back to the early 1900's and brought you all the way into today, the 21st century.

"The oldest tractor that we have here will be some of the steam engines we have on the west side of the fairgrounds," said Maloney. "Some of those go back to the teens."

There were tractors aging over 100 years old and still working. The flywheel show had tractors that are extremely rare. In fact they had an exclusive one that was the only one of its kind, but tractors weren't the only items on display. The show had lots of other things including antique glassware, swing sets among other old-fashioned collectibles.

"We run a big solar panel and then a deep well pump and we can lift water from 150 and provide livestock water or we can do it for irrigating ponds and any other need for it," said Keith Porter with Acme Energy Company.

The show wasn't just for adults, it was for all ages. They had tractor games, barrel pushes, a children's pedal pull, among other activities for the whole family to enjoy!

This flywheel event took a lot of planning. Lavella Walters says they've been planning for more than a year.

"Just about a year," said Walters. "We really have to do a lot before all this takes place."

The flywheel show also had some great home cooked meals.

If you didn't get a chance to get out there, you missed a good time.