Food Bank of Southern Iowa receives $13,000 grant

For every $1 donated to the Food Bank of Southern Iowa, five meals can be provided to those that are food insecure.

Just last week the Food Bank of Southern Iowa received a $13,000 grant from the Emergency Food Shelter Program.

The grant is to be used to purchase food to distribute to local pantries in Wapello County.

With that money, a little under 18,000 pounds of food was purchased.

â??Well it does but it doesn't go as far as you think it does. When you buy at case level and buy 75 or 100 cases at a time, the money goes pretty quick but we've done at lot -- went through a bidding process and tried to get the best bang for our buck and so I think we've done a pretty good job,â?? said Neal Abbott, Executive Director of Food Bank of Southern Iowa.

Abbott is also part of Iowaâ??s Food Bank Association. He told us that the board met with Gov. Branstad on Monday to discuss receiving money to help provide food for all of the food banks in the state.

Abbott said he felt good about the meeting with Gov. Branstad and that he hopes for a positive outcome.