Food bank provides a 'Holiday Gift' to residents of Adair County

The food bank provided close to 20,000 pounds of food to Adair County for the holiday season.

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri has a special gift for the food insecure in Adair County this holiday season.

Hundreds of people braved the cold and lined up early Saturday morning to receive a stock of food just in time for the holidays.

Hot chocolate kept many warm as they stood outside waiting, but volunteers worked fast to keep the wait time low.

The food bank distributed close to 20,000 pounds of food, which included everything from potatoes and cereal to fresh fruit.

It's a gift that helps families across Adair County find comfort this holiday season.

â??Oh my gosh, it's a wonderful feeling to know that you're getting more food into Adair County, who runs short of food, and you know, helping several hundred people,â?? said Susan Dublin, Regional Coordinator for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

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