Food pantry numbers increase as holiday season approaches

As the holidays are approaching, the amount of people heading to the food pantries is increasing.

Over the last few months, food pantries have seen an increase in the amount of people they are serving, including the pantry in Kirksville. Families in need of the food are coming into the pantries to stock up on canned fruits, vegetables and meats to prepare for the holidays.

The Salvation Army is also helping out with a delivery service to make distributing food easier for the holiday rush.

The numbers of people served by the Kirksville pantry will not be in until after the holidays, but numbers for the past two months were very significant.

"We are actually on target for about what we had in September, which was about 900 individuals," said Lieutenant Brian Bump with The Salvation Army.

The Kirksville Salvation Army is currently accepting donations to help those in need to enjoy the holiday season.