Food prepares for "Thanksgiving in July" fundraiser

One local organization is preparing for a Thanksgiving in July fundraiser and "food-raiser." The Lordâ??s Cupboard in Fairfield supplies the Jefferson County area with food assistance for those in need. The fundraiser will be July 25 to August 2. Fairfield will host a variety of different activities to raise money for the organization including a grill out at Hy-vee and a trivia night.

According to Lordâ??s Cupboard Coordinator Laura Cohen, donations are especially important in the summer month because kids do not have access to school lunches.

"We see so many people that are hungry and don't have anywhere else to go for food," said Cohen. "We serve over 500 families a month so we would really have a lot of hungry people in the community if the community didn't support the Lord's Cupboard the way they do and we're so grateful."

She also says that they cannot accept any expired food items, but that they accept monetary contributions. The Lordâ??s Cupboard is located at 54 South B Street in Fairfield.