Forensic scientist gives talk about the dangers of synthetic marijuana and cocaine

A local church congregation dedicated worship service Sunday morning to learning about emerging drugs on the market.

The Kirksville Church of Christ held a special service entitled "Keeping your temple holy" where they featured guess speaker Jeremy Morris, the Senior Forensic Scientist for the Johnson County Sheriff's Office in Kansas.

Morris informed the congregation about K2 or synthetic marijuana and bath salts, which are also known as synthetic cocaine or marijuana. Morris said these drugs are dangerous and a threat to society. Right now, he said they're being sold legally in Kansas City at several gas stations and coffeeshops. He urges parents to be vigilant and aware of what their children are doing and the products that they are bringing home.

"This is a threat that we've never seen before," said Morris. "It's not just a threat that we see at gas stations or whatever these shops are. They (meaning children) can buy these drugs on the internet. You can buy them in very significant quantities legally and see them shipped to your house and you'll never know it."{>}

Morris said that in Johnson County, Kansas, 25 percent of their case work related to drugs involves emerging drugs. He said that naitonally, one in 10 high school students will have smoked some type of synthetic marijuana by the time they are a senior.

Morris said these types of emerging drugs can cause addiction, agitation, and paranoia.