Former Jefferson County Attorney's office to be put up for sale

The former Jefferson County Attorney's office will be put up for sale later this year.

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met Monday morning to discuss a county-owned property they would like to sell. The building at 117 West Broadway is the former home of the Jefferson County Attorney's Office, which moved to a new location in June.

The supervisors no longer have a need for the building and would like to put it up for sale for a new business or office to buy. The first step in the process is to hold a public hearing to find a realtor.

"In order to do it, to sell it, according to Iowa Code, the first thing we have to do is set up a public hearing," said Dick Reed, of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. "Now, at that public hearing we aren't selling the building, we're just getting it in preparation to sell."

Reed said they will select a realtor by drawing a name out of a hat in order to be fair to the several companies in town. The hearing is set for Monday, September 30 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors' office in the Jefferson County Courthouse.

The building at 117 West Broadway was built in the 1960's and was originally an eye care facility before being bought by the county in 1995.