Former New York Giants player gives students advice on bullying

Lee Rouson speaks to students about bullying prevention and making good choices.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and over the last few days, students in Ottumwa were able to hear advice given from a former NFL player.

Lee Rouson spoke at schools across Ottumwa Monday through Thursday, telling students to challenge themselves to answer the following question; "Who am I?".

Rouson said speaking to kids is his calling and he's able to use his life experiences and experiences playing for the New York Giants in the NFL to give them advice.

"With the platform of a former pro football player, being able to come in and just share different experiences, especially going through this month of October with the national bullying campaign, I believe that you are really, really engaged and equipped and encouraging other people in that area, those who bully and those who are being bullied," Rouson said.

Rouson told students from Seton Catholic friends are like elevator buttons; some bring you up while others take you down. Rouson also encouraged the students to make smart choices and stick up for themselves going through school.

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