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      Former president honored at Truman State University

      Truman State University has always have had a fine tradition of scholastic excellence since its humble beginnings in 1867. Through the years presidents have come and gone, but their legacy and influence is never forgotten thanks to a simple tradition at Truman. Each president that has served at Truman State University has a portrait dedicated to their service. Last Friday over a hundred students, faculty, and friends gathered to honor Barbara Dixon for her service by unveiling her portrait at Pickler Memorial Library. During the ceremony, Barbara recounts her time spent at Truman and what the portrait means to her.

      â??It's sort of a physical symbol of the presidency. It will go up with all the other presidents. One of the things that I think that is important is that I will be the only woman on the wall and I would hope before too long we will see more women on this wall. The thing that I always remember is the people that are so wonderful in various places, so coming back and seeing friends, people I have worked with was probably the highlight,â?? said Dr. Barbara Dixon former Truman State University President.

      Barbara now works at Purchase College in New York as a provost. She talks about retiring one day, but her dedication to upper level education will likely keep her involved with colleges and universities for years to come.