Four Heartland families have had farms now for 100 years

The University of Missouri Adair County Extension recognized four Heartland families for having owned their farm for 100 consecutive years at its annual picnic.

Four Heartland families are being recognized for owning their farms for 100 consecutive years.

The University of Missouri Adair County Extension held its annual picnic at Jackson Country Connection near La Plata Tuesday evening.

It was at the event where the four awards were given to the Century Farm Families.

This year, one of those awards went to the Bragg family of Kirksville.

Carlene Bragg Williams of Kirksville was there with her family to accept the award on behalf of her late parents, Carl and Mae Bragg. The farm has been in the Bragg family since 1914.

"Well all I can say is I'm sure my parents would be very proud we are receiving this award and I just hope that we can pass it on through future years," Williams said.

Three other Adair County families were also given a century farm award at Tuesday night's ceremony. Those awards went to the Kenneth and Ethella McKee family, the Leon and Neva Moore family and the Trevia D. Jones family.