Franklin Street constuction starts new phase

The next phase of the Franklin Street project in Kirksville is underway. The next phase of the project will be within the intersections of Normal and Paterson Streets and Franklin will be closed in that same area until the project is complete.

Construction workers started breaking old sidewalks on Thursday so they can be replaced with newer more luxurious ones. Once the project is done, there will be a new centered median with trees, an ornamental fence, broad sidewalks with brick accents and brick cross walks. The new design was built not only to beautify the campus, but also with safety in mind.

â??The intent of the medians is to provide a slowing calming effect with the enhancement of the boulevard to help control traffic speeds through the area and also to channelize pedestrian traffic where people will have to cross the street at designated cross walks,â?? said Craig Dawson, Project Manager.

The project should be completed by the start of Trumanâ??s fall semester.