Free CFL recycling for AmerenUE customers

AmerenUE TMs Residential Energy Efficiency Department is launching a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling program to make disposing of CFL bulbs easier for UE customers. The program offers residential customers a convenient no-cost way to safely dispose of used CFL bulbs.

We TMre offering our customers a variety of energy efficiency programs, like discounted CFLs, to help them save energy and money. When those CFL bulbs finally do burn out, we TMre now providing an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of those products, says Richard Mark, senior vice president of Customer Operations.

Customers simply bring their used CFL bulbs to an AmerenUE authorized recycling location for disposal. Recycling centers will accept broken CFL bulbs if they are in Ziploc-style plastic bags.

More than 50 authorized CFL bulb recycling locations are available. UE has initially established recycling centers in Ace Hardware stores and in the City of St. Peters to provide this service throughout the UE territory. Additional sites, including retailers, municipalities and communities, will be added soon. UE has also partnered with Home Depot to be part of their existing recycling program. To see a complete list of recycling locations and CFL programs, go to .