Free class will help Medicare seem less complicated

Around 40,000 Iowans will be turning 65 this year, which means there is a new group about to enter the confusing world of Medicare.

If you are retiring, getting ready to retire or are turning 65 this year, there is a free class that can answer all your questions regarding Medicare and which plan is right for you.

The class is sponsored by Seneca Area Agency on Aging and the state of Iowa's Senior Health Insurance Information Program, or SHIIP. The class is designed to answer your questions with all resources available at once, and to help you wade through the ocean of paperwork on the program.

"They get so much material and it's overwhelming to know what to pick and what are they talking about," said Joan Nydle, of Seneca Area Agency on Aging. "So we have a lot of people that come into the office and want to understand what does part A, B cover, do I have to have a part C, do I have to have a part D, what is it mean if I don't get it right now, or I'm going to keep my employer's insurance for a while - what does that all mean? And so we can go through that step by step and explain it to them."

The Welcome to Medicare class will be held at the Indian Hills Community College Ottumwa Campus on Tuesday, March 7 at 4:30 p.m. The class is open to not only people in the counties that Seneca covers, but to anyone in the area.

Registration is required and the deadline to register is March 1. To reserve your spot, call Seneca at 800-642-6522 and ask for Joan or Colleen.