Free Comic Book Day this Saturday

This Saturday is 'Free Comic Book Day'

It seems comic books have been becoming more mainstream lately what with the reality shows that have been highlighting them.

For comic book fans, this Saturday is most likely already marked on their calendars.

Across North America and parts of the world, the first Saturday of May each year is deemed â??Free Comic Book Day.â??

Publishers get together and produce exclusive comics that you can only get on this day.

Not only is this day to promote comic books, but it is also to promote kids reading.

â??Well if you can encourage kids to want to read, that's half the battle right there. If they don't want to read then they're not going to read. So if you can get them something they actually will be interested in learning to read and it's something they're interested in, then they're more likely. Just like anybody else, if you don't want to do something, you donâ??t want to do it. It doesn't matter how many ways you slice it,â?? said Peter Fintel, 2nd Act Comics & Games.

Fintel said that hands down the most popular comic book series currently is â??The Walking Dead.â??

He added that there is something for everyone when it comes to comics, from every genre to every age group.

2nd Act Comics & Games will open on noon this Saturday for â??Free Comics Day.

For a list of participating comic book stores, click here