Free computer donated to elementary school student

One lucky Davis County Elementary School student got a big prize today.

Fourth graders at Davis County Elementary School have been learning about being safe and being good citizens through a program sponsored by local businesses and law enforcement.

Bloomfield Police Officer Buddy Harsch and Davis County Sheriff Dave Davis have been instructing students on how to be safe in the community, and also how to be good citizens.

Students received a booklet and DVD from Safety Net, then go home and write an essay on what they learned and what they can improve on.

The winner, Jaycee Townsend. Jaycee's speech was about being safe and making sure you are always with an adult when you are in public.

"Well you need to be safe. Make sure you get a signal to walk across the road on your way to school and on your way home. And when ever you are with someone, you need to make sure you stay close by," said Jaycee.

The prize, a computer donated by MPA Computers of Bloomfield, Iowa. KTVO spoke with Chris Mcnabb about why his company get involved in the program.

"We did it last year and we feel it gives them something for them to strive for. Throughout the year, they are doing all the learning, and it helps push them a little-bit. We enjoy during it we will do next year as well," said Mcnabb.

The cost for the program is covered by local businesses.