Free sports physicals for students

Free physical exam

More than 100 Schulyer County students received a free physical exam.

The Scotland County Hospital gave free sport physicals for students who are going into the seventh grade and students who are going into the 12th grade.

The hospital has been giving these free exams for more than five years.

These exams would cost students around $15.

The exam is based on requirements which include checking their height and their weight.

They also have their blood pressure, their pulse and vision checked.

Not only are the students receiving free exams, but Blessing Physician Services screened the children for two rare diseases.

â??(Blessing Physician Services) will do an echocardiogram of the heart to screen and make sure that there's not any valvular abnormalities, which in sports one of the things we worry about of course is sudden cardiac death out on the court,â?? Julia McNabb D.O. said.

â??This is a way to screen to make sure our athletes are safe. It is very unique to have this at this level. We are so happy that Quincy Blessing is willing to come over and do this for us.â??

After completing the exam, students received a free t-shirt.