Free transit fare for Ottumwans Monday

Ottumwa Transit is joining the Iowa Public Transit Association, Iowa Department of Transportation, and public transit systems across Iowa in proclaiming June 15-21 as Ride Transit Week. The week will serve as an opprtunity for Ottumwans to discover new alternatives for their commutes and how to get around while saving time, money and energy.

To celebrate Ride Transit Week, on Monday, June 16th, all rides on Ottumwa Transit will be free as a token of appreciation for using public transit.

Public transit provides Iowans access to jobs, health care, education, businesses, recreation, and other services every day. Additionally, public transit reduces traffic congestion, allows individuals to maintain independence, and increases the rural and urban mobility options for Iowans. During 2013, over 27.4 million rides were provided by public transit systems in Iowa, representing nearly nine rides for each resident across the state and a ridership increase of 19.3 percent over the past eight years.

To learn more about Ottumwa Transit public transportation service, and how you can take advantage of this resource, please contact (641)-683-0695, visit Ottumwa Transit's webpage, or like Ottumwa Transit on Facebook.