Friends and strangers help to fulfill a dying womanâ??s wish

Kitty Jones and her son Robbie

One Kirksville family is thanking the power of social media for helping to fulfill a dying womanâ??s wish.

Kitty Jones was terminally ill and all she wanted before she passed was to hold her sonâ??s ashes one last time.

Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, the family was unable to bring the ashes home from the funeral home.

The cost to do so was just over $2,000.

In order to fulfill Kittyâ??s wish, her family reached out and used social media in order to help.

They created a Facebook page, as well as a website called 'Go Fund Me' where donations could be submitted.

Friends and strangers from around the area donated the funds to help bring the ashes home.

â??I just feel so blessed that they felt compelled to help our family. I want to thank them so much. It's something that words can't even say,â?? said Malorie Parton Baker, Kitty's daughter.

Thanks to the generous donations, the ashes of Kitty's son were able to be brought home Wednesday afternoon.

Kitty passed away peacefully 2 hours later surrounded by family and friends.