Fun event at Schuyler R-I brings science to life

Coming up on April 4th a fun event for all ages will be held in Schuyler County. Family Fun Night will be held at Schuyler R-I schools in the multi purpose room from 6 to 7:30 p.m. This semesterâ??s event will have hands on activities with an emphasis on math and science which include bubble art, science tricks, shape shifters, and many more fun activities.

â??It will be a lot of fun. We did one similar in the fall. It was just fun themed fall activities like we decorated cookies. We read books. Its just a lot of fun a lot of people come out and its just a good time for the community and the Truman students to interact with each other cause we can interact with the students when we come up here for class but it's a good experience to interact with the parents as well,â?? said Erin Bradley an English major at Truman State University.

Everyone across the Heartland is welcome to attend and the event is free of charge.