Fun with beer

Chef Andrea Greer's Drunk Chicken and Beer Brat

Drunken Chicken Brine:

4ea Chicken Brest

3ea Canâ??s of Beer

¼ cup Sugar

2tbl Salt


Thaw Chicken. In a different container add beer, sugar, & salt. Place Chicken in the mixture and put in the refrigerator for 24 hr before cooking. This is a good idea for grilling or even baking the chicken.

Beer Brats:


2 Cans of Beer

Caramelize onion


Take the onion slice it put it in a sauté pan with some oil and cook it down. In a different container place the bras in the beer then add in the onion. Let it set for 24 hr. you could cook them on the grill or even boil them in the beer with the onion.