Funding allows Ottumwa WIC Clinic to issue checks, despite government shutdown

The government shutdown has impacted several local offices, including American Home Finding's Child Health and WIC Clinic.

As of Tuesday, the WIC Clinic was not able to issue any checks for clients in need of help or services like health screenings, counseling, dental care and pregnancy education. However, good news came on Thursday when unused funds from the USDA were made available.

Now, the clinic will be able to honor and issue checks for October, which will allow the many services WIC offers to continue. The staff hope this is the last time the shutdown will interfere with their services.

"We really don't know what the future holds, I wish we had a crystal ball and we could say, 'yeah, this is what we're going to be able to do', but as far as what the future holds, we do not know," said Kim Proctor, R.N. at the Ottumwa WIC Clinic.

The office did not close its doors this week, even for the few days where checks could not be issued, so Proctor encouraged people to keep their appointments and bring in their checks.