Fundraising for Bloomfield's Iowa Theater in the home stretch

After months of fundraising, the Iowa Theater is close to having enough money to buy a new film projector.

When the Davis County community heard that the Iowa Theater in Bloomfield would close if it could not raise enough money for a new movie projector, they sprung into action.

Starting next year, everything produced by the film industry will be in a digital format, and that means the theater's old 35 mm projector would be unable to show any new movies.

At the start of the year

, the Davis County Fine Arts Council announced it needed $70,000 for a new projector, and months later, they're over 75% of the way there.

"The outpouring of support from individuals and businesses and social organizations within Davis County has been tremendous," said Wayne VanMersbergen, a member of the Board of Directors for the Davis County Fine Arts Council. "The chart doesn't quite indicate it, but we're already at the $55,000 level, so we feel like we're in the home stretch. We still have some work to do but if the support we've realized to this point continues, we have no doubt that we'll be ready to convert to the new digital equipment this coming December."

VanMersbergen said the council began fundraising efforts by just spreading the word from person to person, and then began starting to send out mass mailings to homes and businesses. He said some businesses donated without even being asked, and the effort has shown how well the community works together.

There is still money to be raised, and to find out how to donate, contact the Davis County Fine Arts Council.