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      Future 4-H members are in training this week at the NEMO Fair

      Future 4-H members are in training this week at the NEMO Fair.

      Kid games and contests have been taking place daily.

      But Friday, July 18th is when the PeeWee class tries their hand at showing lambs and the pedal tractor pull.

      Registration will take place the morning of the event, for anyone interested.

      The PeeWee class consists of children who are not quite old enough for 4-H.

      Ages will range as low as four-years-old.

      Many of the participants have learned the art of showing animals by watching family members and friends.

      â??You got to give the kids credit to be in there with an animal,â?? said Rayburn Snell, NEMO Fair Board Member. â??And as big as the animal is and as small as the kid is, they get a little petrified and scared of them, but they do good. It is fun to watch themâ?|it is really enjoyable.â??

      Showing and taking care of the livestock is not an easy task.

      But it helps teach the kids responsibility.

      Visit the NEMO Fair Website for the event schedule.