Future engineers explore the world of photonics at Indian Hills

Students explore photonics and lasers in the labs of Indian Hills.

A group of 14 potential future engineers got some hands-on experience with lasers at the Indian Hills "World of Photonics" workshop Monday.

For a few hours, kids in fourth, fifth and sixth grade got to set up, operate and dismantle different types of laser machines in six labs. The kids worked with the same lasers and equipment that the students in Indian Hills' program do and one of the most popular was a machine that lasered letters into a wooden stick.

"I came today because I really wanted to learn about lasers," said Alexys.

"I've always been interested in photonics and light and all that, so I thought that it would be nice to join a camp," said Ahillan.

Not only is working with and watching lasers fun, but it's also an educational experience.

"I learned that laser isn't a real word, it's an acronym," said Taryn.

"I had fun today because we built the lights and if you do something, the lights will go dark or very bright," said Jesus.

"I think my favorite part so far has been getting to see the lasers in the laser light show," said Madison.

One participant, Devika, said she wants to be an engineer when she grows up, and some jobs might involve equipment like what she got to work with Monday.

"I really like to build and make stuff and so this kind of involved those things," she said.

Indian Hills students in the laser optics club were on hand helping the kids with the various labs.