Galaxy of Gardens tour

Itâ??s called the Galaxy of Gardens Tour. Four gardens were on the tour that started Friday and ended at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The garden tour was a benefit for the First Presbyterian Church in Ottumwa.

Former KTVO Romper Room teacher Joyce Kramerâ??s garden was among the four featured. She said she loved seeing those on the tour walking through her garden and spreading her passion for gardening to others.

â??There are four different kinds of gardens but the truth is every garden is unique in its own way. If you had 10 gardens, you might have 10 different ways of expressing themselves. My way is thereâ??s not a flower shop that I don't love. I buy this; I buy that. I start this; I start that,â?? said Kramer.

Kramer has everything from sage and raspberries to day lilies growing in her garden.

Tickets could be purchased for $8 in advance and for $10 on the day of the tour.

Kramer counted 160 people that had walked through her garden throughout the two days. She said she is very pleased with that number and believes a substantial amount of money was raised for the church.