Gas prices causing less pain at the pump

Gas prices on April 8th

Gas prices continue to slide in downward direction at the pumps. Over the past week, prices have fallen 8.3 cents in Missouri and 4.1 cents in Iowa. The average price per gallon is cheaper in Missouri at $3.42, but Iowa isnâ??t too far behind with prices averaging at $3.54. Prices in Missouri and Iowa are still below the national average $3.58 which fell 4 cents within the past week. Compared to last year, prices are a fairly lower. This time a year ago you were paying a little over 25 cents per gallon extra at the pump. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan from Gas states that "Americans are spending 108 million less on gasoline every day than they were a year ago and most markets are paying less than they were a year ago for the exception of Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii which has the highest gas prices at 4.15 cents a gallon."