Gas prices remain low, but forecasted to climb higher

Missouri and Iowa have seen mixed results the past week on gas prices. While Missouri saw an increase of 3.6 cents the past week, Iowa saw a slight drop of zero point eight cents. Prices are significantly lower compared to a year ago when prices in both Missouri and Iowa were about 20 cents higher than they are today and prices are about 15 cents lower compared to last month. Even though gas prices have been dropping since March, analysts say this trend cannot last forever.

â??The closer we get to May and the memorial day weekend the closer we are to what usually is rising consumer demand, but we're not there yet. We're far from that point and we could still see gasoline prices stay flat or even decline somewhat in St. Louis and throughout the state at least for the next week or two,â?? said Gregg Laskoski a Senior Petroleum Analyst at

Laskoski also said that geo political events like the Boston bombings and threats from North Korea have not affected gas prices, and the escalating crisis in Syria probably won't have much effect on gas prices either unless it becomes a global issue.