Get the 'scoop' on Kirksville's newest sweet shop

Customers have their pick of toppings at Kirksville's newest sweet shop, Tru Yo.

Jim Ressler is not your typical college student.

As a junior studying biology at Truman State University, he spends most of his time hitting the books, but recently he decided to explore the world of business.

"Well I always thought it would be really cool to own a business,â?? said Ressler.

So he dove in head first, and like any good scientist he started collecting data.

â??I just decided that I'd start researching it and the more I got into it the more I found out, I might be able to do this and at that point I was like well if I can try, I should try."

Now heâ??s the owner of Kirksvilleâ??s newest frozen yogurt shop, Tru Yo. But the road to small business ownership wasnâ??t an easy one.

"There was a couple of times where it got really hard and took a lot of work and I was like, 'is this ever going to happen?' but once it's open definitely worth it," said Ressler.

Tru Yo opened at the end of October and since then business has been good.

"The food's good, he's got family supporting him, friends supporting him, and I think increasingly the community is supporting him and I think that's an important thing. We want more of this,â?? said Dan Hamlet, the Executive Director for the Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center.

Ressler is an example of the enterprising spirit that keeps towns like Kirksville thriving.

"I think it's important to our community that we have a new generation of business owners who come and help improve the quality of life for Kirksville and help keep Kirksville thriving and growing into the future,â?? said Hamlet.

All this and heâ??s not even from the area.

"I think it's very exciting that he's not from Kirksville, he's from Kansas City and he moved here and liked the town and he wants to stay," said Hamlet.

So what else could a successful young student and entrepreneur hope for?

â??I just hope it keeps going and it's a part of the community for a long time," said Ressler.

A somewhat simple request, but one he needs continued community support to reach. If you're looking to try it, Tru Yo is located at 116 S. Franklin Street and opens daily at 11 a.m.