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      Getting a flu shot through drive thru

      Some northeast Missouri residents got to roll up their sleeves this weekend to get flu vaccinations.

      The Schuyler County Health Department held their annual drive-thru clinic Saturday morning at the Schuyler County Nursing Home in Queen City.

      The event not only gave people an opportunity to get their flu shots, but also allowed the health department to provide the vaccines to the public and teach them what to do in the emergency of a flu epidemic.

      Health department officials say the flu clinic was a success.

      "Obviously the more people that have the protection through a flu vaccine the less likely we'll have a severe outbreak here in Schuyler County. Good turnout. The weather cooperated. We are just happy as we can be," said Ron Stewart, Schuyler County Health Department Administrator.

      Nursing students from Truman State University also assisted in Saturday's clinic.

      About 60 residents showed up to the event.

      If you missed this flu clinic, you can go to the Schuyler County Health Department in Lancaster every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 get your flu shot.