Getting cattle ready for fair season

The Putnam County Fair is six months away but participants are planning ahead.

The Beef Weigh In took place early Sunday afternoon at the Unionville Livestock Market.

4-H ans FFA members got their cattle's pre-fair weight and condition. This is done to see how much work and training needs to be done on the animals during the spring and summer months.

"I think it's a really big deal. It shows we want to make a cattle profitable. The better they gain weight, the more profitable they are going to be. We want the better gaining animals," said Putnam County Fair Board Member Joe Koenen.

The cattle will be weighed again on the first day of the fair for the Rate of Gain. The winner in that category will get a cash prize.

Most of the cattle shown at the fair will be put up for the auction sale.

The Putnam County Fair will once again take place this year the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The weight in for sheep and hogs will be taking place in June.