Getting fit with Zumba

Itâ??s an exercise that has been taking over the world! Itâ??s called Zumba.

KTVO headed to the Adair County YMCA in Kirksville to join a Zumba class Wednesday morning.

Zumba is a program that is taught in gyms and studios to millions of Zumba enthusiasts all around the globe.

A local class instructor said this is a good class to take if you want to have fun losing weight and stay in shape.

â??Well, itâ??s a Latin based dance exercise program, but since it started itâ??s kind of expanded,â?? Erica Sterup said. â??Itâ??s just a good dance work out that included a lot of world music and hip hop music and itâ??s a good way to get some exercise.â??

The Zumba classes at the Y are generally 50 minutes. And, you don't have to be a dancer to join!

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