Getting to know Lincoln through the art of film

Some Kirksville residents had a chance to learn something new about one of our most well known U.S. Presidents.

The Kirksville Chamber of Commerce held a Lunch With Lincoln event at the Kirksville Arts Center Tuesday afternoon.

About 20 participants ate a catered lunch while listening from Lincoln scholar and Truman State University Professor Dr. Thomas Trimborn about President Abraham Lincoln's life and legacy and how it has been portrayed in Hollywood.

"He certainly has been significant in film and television. There are some 200 portrays of Lincoln in film, so it was a way to do something different and still talk about Lincoln and his significance," Trimborn said.

And if you thought there wasn't enough movies and T.V. shows on President Lincoln, Trimborn says famous director and producer Steven Spielberg is currently putting the finishing touches on a movie titled "Lincoln" which is set to be released in December.