Getting to the root of the problem

August is National Tree Check month.

People should get an annual physical, so it's only natural that your trees get one too.

August is National Tree Check month and there are things you need to know about to keep your trees healthy. A few signs of tree trouble include a loss of foliage, scarring on the trunk or the presence of pests.

"Something we've really been seeing over the past year or two is the pine bore beetle and other boring beetle species,â?? said John Nolan of Trumascape. â??The only thing you can do at that point is to have an arborist or certified tree professional come out and check your property to see if your trees are susceptible to the problem. Once a bore gets into your trees, you really need to get rid of the tree so it doesn't infect other trees on your property."

Nolan suggests other ways you can make sure your trees are in peak condition. For instance, if a tree is hit with a lawnmower or weed eater, use tree paste or tree wrapping to protect it from further damage. You should also check to see if leaves are green and healthy. Finally, make sure fresh mulch is around your tree.