Gingerbread houses wanted for American Gothic House Center display

The American Gothic House Center is asking the public once again to build gingerbread houses resembling the America Gothic House for the upcoming holiday season.

The gingerbread houses will be on display at the center through the first part of December.

â??This year, they are due on November 30th and will be up on display until December 14th; that way, you have time to take it back home and have it at your house for the holidays. This is a great thing you can do over the Thanksgiving holiday with your family, looking for things to do while the kids are out of school and drop them off over the weekend if you want, or next week,â?? said Holly Berg, Administrator of the American Gothic House Center.

Berg also wanted to remind the public that the annual holiday gingerbread decorating event at the American Gothic House Center will take place on December 8th.