Girl Scouts get big cookie shipment

A big shipment of Girl Scouts cookies made it to the Heartland.

A big shipment of Girl Scouts cookies has made it to the Heartland.

Thursday, scout leaders welcomed the shipment for their annual cookie sale fundraiser at The Crossing church in Kirksville.

An 18-wheeler was packed tight with all the cookie favorites, including thin mints, tag-a-longs, lemonades, and of course, shortbread.

The product manager, Leanna Lewis, tells us the shipment covers only pre-orders.

"Today we are getting 1,700 cases of girl scout cookies for Novinger, Brashear, La Plata and Kirksville," Lewis said

Lewis tells us many who have ordered their cookies will get them this weekend.

Troop leaders picked up their orders up Thursday and will be distributing them to their scouts, 15 Girl Scout troops in all, made up of a total of 200 members.

Lewis said people can still order Girl Scout cookies until March 17.