Girls step up to bat for Brashear Baseball team

There's something different about the boys baseball team at Brashear High School this year.

In fact, make that two â??somethingsâ?? different: girls. That's right; the boyâ??s baseball team now has two girls on it.

â??Having two girls on the team allows us to have a team this year because we only have seven boys and we play all nine and of them played for us in the fall when our numbers got low so Iâ??m just excited we are able to have a team this year they are doing a great job,â?? said Brashear Baseball Coach Corbin Coe.

Abby Hall and Ashley Moncrief both played softball but decided to give baseball a try this year for different reasons.

â??I heard that we were going to be short players and I thought it would be really fun and different than softball since I played in the fall and wanted to try again and actually be on the team,â?? said Hall.

â??It's my senior year and I wanted to do something different and it was either baseball or academic bowl so I choose baseball,â?? said Moncrief.

Although both girls had experience playing softball, there are differences between the two sports that can pose a few challenges.

â??The boys kind of tease us a little and there are a lot of push-ups at practice and the ball comes in a lot faster and the boys can throw a pretty hard, which can be a little scary,â?? said Moncrief.

â??The biggest challenge is figuring out where to play them at. You know Ashley played Centerfield for us in softball and second base is about the same distance from home plate she does a good job in hole for us. Abby Hall played outfield in softball and has been covering a lot of ground for us and doing a good job,â?? said Coe.

The adjustment wasn't just for the girls but how the boys would welcome them on to their team.

â??It was a little bit of a struggle at the beginning of the year just kind of getting used to it there is a big difference between softball and baseball. Itâ??s not too bad, I think we have definitely built a stronger relationship between the males and females and overall, it's not too bad. It's a pretty good life experience,â?? said senior Sam Smith.

The attention may be placed on Hall and Moncrief for playing with the boys, but if it weren't for them Smith along with fellow senior Luke Baker wouldnâ??t be able to play their final season of high school baseball.