Give tips anonymously to Macon police

New tip line so citizens can give information anonymously.

The Macon Police Department has created a tip line so citizens can give information about crimes and problems in their neighborhood anonymously. Macon Chief of Police Steve Olinger said they wanted to provide an avenue that citizens could use to call and feel confident that their name is not going to be brought up. â??When they call in they will actually here my voice and it just prompts them to leave a message,â?? Olinger said. â??They don't have to talk to anybody. Thereâ??s nobody at the other end of the line. Itâ??s all computer generated and it sends us a voicemail letting us know that we have a message.â??

Chief Olinger said he hopes this new service generates more tips. He wants to stress that it is important citizens do not use this number for emergencies. If a citizen has an emergency, they should dial 911. The tips line number is (660) 395-1111.